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Title: Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2013-2018

Author: Northeastern Area, State and Private Forestry, USDA Forest Service

Year: 2013

Publication: United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Area, State and Private Forestry, 11 Campus Boulevard, Suite 200 Newtown Square, PA 19073, NA-IN-01-13, June 2013

Abstract: The Northeastern Area is fortunate to have a workforce with skills and expertise in some of the most important aspects of forest and program management - wood for energy, storm recovery, invasive species management, urban forestry, land protection, watershed forestry, forest stewardship, public outreach and education, and grants and information management. Besides capitalizing on the skills of our current workforce, the new Strategic Plan is based on the Forest Service national priorities for State and Private Forestry: 1) Conserve and Manage Working Forest Landscapes for Multiple Values and Uses, 2) Protect Forests from Threats, and 3) Enhance Public Benefits from Trees and Forests. We added a fourth and equally important goal, Organizational Effectiveness, because technical expertise, technology, safety, workforce diversity, effective communications, and customer service are the fuels that make our achievements possible.

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