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Title: Backyard Woods bring your vision to life

Author: Majeski, Michael; Bratkovich, Stephen; Childs, Gina; Granholm, Dean; Haugen, Dennis; Heyer, Theresa; Pokorny, Jill

Year: 2005

Publication: United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Area, State and Private Forestry, NA-IN-02-05

Abstract: Perhaps you dream of sitting on a deck, overlooking lush green scenery. Or you may want to attract birds, deer, or other animals, or harvest special forest products or mature trees. You may even want to improve your land for your children and grandchildren. Whatever your vision, with a little planning and work, your backyard woods can be a true jewel to you, your family, and the wild creatures that depend on it. This booklet was written for the 6 million landowners in the United States who own 1 to 10 acres. While such acreages may seem small, they have big impacts. Backyard woods collectively add up to millions of acres.

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