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Title: Landscape Stewardship Guide

Author: USDA Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Northeastern Area, State & Private Forestry

Year: 2011

Publication: USDA Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Northeastern Area, State & Private Forestry, NA-IN-06-11

Abstract: This document provides you and other Cooperative Forestry program managers with broad guidance on a landscape approach to forest stewardship in the region served by Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry. This approach has strong potential to increase our ability to sustain the benefits that both society and individuals derive from privately owned forest land by engaging landowners and their communities in its management. Landscape stewardship can help keep forests as forests.

Engaged landowners are likely to make management decisions that sustain the health, productivity, and diversity of their woodland. Similarly, engaged communities are more likely to make decisions that improve the viability of owning private forest land than are their disengaged counterparts. A landscape approach to forest stewardship:

  • Builds agency and organizational capacity
  • Builds community capacity
  • Builds landowner trust of agencies and organizations
  • Increases collaboration among partners
  • Motivates landowners
  • Supports the application of science and knowledge
  • Makes service delivery more efficient

Online Access: (PDF)

High resolution document suitable for printing: (PDF)

Portable Document Format (.pdf) files need a free reader, available here.


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