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Title: Urban Watershed Forestry Manual Part 1: Methods for Increasing Forest Cover in a Watershed

Author: Cappiella, Karen; Schueler, Tom; Wright, Tiffany

Year: 2005

Publication: United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry NA-TP-04-05

Abstract: This manual is one in a three-part series on using trees to protect and restore urban watersheds. A brief description of each part follows. Part 1: Methods for Increasing Forest Cover in a Watershed introduces the emerging topic of urban watershed forestry. This part also presents new methods for the watershed planner or forester to systematically measure watershed forest cover and select the best methods for maintaining or increasing this cover by protecting, enhancing, and reforesting large parcels of primarily public land across the watershed. These methods are based on extensive review of the latest research and input from experts in a wide range of related fields.

Online Access: (PDF)

Portable Document Format (.pdf) files need a free reader, available here.


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